bookmark_borderRachel Barber’s study presented at Elliot Lake Accessibility Advisory Committee

On February 21st, the City of Elliot Lake’s Accessibility Advisory Committee had a meeting. On the agenda for this meeting was a synopsis of Pop Place member Rachel Barber’s study on older adult health care access via public transportation in Elliot Lake. The presentation included a summary of Rachel’s findings, as well as areas identified for future research and investigation by the committee. A copy of the committee meeting agenda can be viewed here.

bookmark_borderDavid Edney Research Travel Award

Congratulations to Pop Place member Rachel Barber, who has been announced as a recipient of this year’s David Edney Research Travel Award. Rachel will be traveling to Paris, France, this summer, as a visiting doctoral student at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS). Rachel will be continuing her doctoral research and working in collaboration with colleagues at EHESS on a comparative study of shrinking and aging cities in France and in Canada.

The annual David Edney Research Travel Award provides two graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science with an opportunity to study and conduct research in Paris, France, in the summer, in a fully equipped apartment owned by Queen’s alumnus, Professor David Edney.

Well done, Rachel!

bookmark_borderWelcome Spencer Mulvaney!

We are very excited that Spencer Mulvaney has joined the Population and Place Research Lab!

Spencer is an MPL Candidate in the School of Urban and Regional Planning. Prior to joining the Pop Place, he completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and English from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. His research focuses on bike shops as sites of community social infrastructure.

Welcome Spencer!

bookmark_borderNew publication! Ageing & the Sensory City

An exciting new publication from the Population and Place Research Lab!

Ageing and the Sensory City” by Ellory Vincent (MPL, 2023) and Maxwell Hartt (Director) has just been published in the journal Town Planning Review. The article examines how senses change with age and how planning does (or does not) create sensory experiences that support an ageing population.

It is an extension of the Aging Playfully project and one of the many wonderful pieces of work done led by Pop Place alumni Ellory Vincent!

bookmark_borderRachel Barber Gives Webinar Presentation

Pop Place Member Rachel Barber gave a webinar presentation as part of the The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health’s Age-Friendly Communities Webinar Series on January 31st. Over 130 academics, city staff and members of the public registered for the webinar, entitled “On the Road to Healthy Aging: Takeaways from Elliot Lake’s Public Transportation System”.

Resources from Rachel’s presentation can be found here. Some of the findings presented in her webinar were featured in an ElliotLakeToday article.

bookmark_borderRachel Barber’s Webinar Promoted by ElliotLakeToday

On January 31st, Pop Place member Rachel Barber will be sharing the findings of her Master’s thesis on age-friendly public transportation in Elliot Lake as part of the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program’s AFC Webinar Series (more information here). One of Elliot Lake’s local newspapers, ElliotLakeToday, promoted the webinar, discussing Rachel’s research and the timeliness of her presentation as the city seeks to make changes to their transit system. The article can be read here.

bookmark_borderInvited talk at EHESS Paris

Pop Place Director Dr. Maxwell Hartt gave an invited talk at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, in Paris, France. His talk, entitled “The Interrelated Geographies of Shrinking and Aging in the Global North”, explored past, present, and future urban demographic trends across 37 Global North countries.