Dr. Hartt gives talks in China

Pop Place Director Dr. Maxwell Hartt gave a series of talks in China over the month of May.

First, he gave a talk entitled “Aging Playfully: Expanding the Age-Friendly City” at Beijing Normal University. He also co-ran a graduate research symposium with master’s and doctoral human geography students at BNU.

Second, Dr. Hartt presented a talk entitled “Aging, Playing, and Planning” at Yunan Normal University in Kunming, China.

Third, Dr. Hartt gave a keynote lecture at the Young Health Geographers conference in Zhuhai, China entitled “A New Era of Urbanization: Population Aging and Shrinking Cities”.

Dr. Hartt also had the opportunity to visit the historic city of Lijiang and many other famed attractions (Summer Palace, Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc.). Dr. Hartt met with faculty members from across China and finished his trip with a 3 day visit to Hong Kong hosted by the geography department at Hong Kong University.

Much of the travel was spent with Queen’s University emeritus Professor Mark Rosenberg. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to spend time with Prof Rosenberg and be introduced to the amazing people, places, and food of China.