New Publication!

We are excited to announce the publication of Older Adult Perceptions of Play and Play-Enabling Space by Maxwell Hartt and Ellory Vincent in Cities & Health.

This paper examines older adult perceptions of play in public space using the photovoice method with 14 older adults in Victoria, Canada. We found that older adults conceptualize play as more than simply a set of activities. Play was viewed as a state-of-being and an expression of freedom. To enable older adult play, public space must be accessible, flexible, and provide opportunities for creativity and spontaneity. Public spaces with natural, immersive, and interactive environments that provide positive sensory experiences were found to be particularly well suited to fostering older adult play. Through this study, we argue that it is necessary to reimagine the potential of age-friendly planning. We need to encourage policymakers to consider, integrate, and support play as an age-friendly intervention.

If you have institutional access, you can use the link above. If not, you can use this link to reach the publicly available version.