TWO new publications!

Thrilled to announce that the Pop Place has TWO new peer reviewed publications!

The first paper introduces a “online conversion framework” to help us rethink participatory planning as it is reshaped by digital technology. The paper published in Planning Theory seeks to explore different ways of framing conflict and antagonism in planning and the degree to which they reflect an increasingly digital approach to public participation.

Potts, R., J. Riddle, J.B. Hollander & M. Hartt. (2024) The Online Conversion Framework: Understanding antagonism, planning theory, and social media. Planning Theory.

The second paper reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to shrinking cities and the post-pandemic future of shrinking cities. Published in Town Planning Review, it is a follow-up to a piece published in the earlier days (late 2020) of the pandemic.

Hartt, M., S. Bagchi-Sen & J.B. Hollander. (2024) Reflections on the Post-Pandemic Future of Shrinking Cities. Town Planning Review.